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RCA Streaming Media Player DSB772WE – is it worth buying?

With most streaming media players I focus on the positive. There is usually not much bad to say when you get the choice between “great” and “awesome”. That being said I have very mixed feelings about the RCA DSB772WE Streaming Media Player. It does some things well, but in other fields it performs just badly. Read on to find out why.


Roku 3 vs Roku 2 – A Comparison

Roku 3 vs Roku 2
At first sight the Roku 2 and 3 look very similar. Both are small black boxes used for streaming media to your TV. You might be wondering if there is any difference between these devices as far as features is concerned. The short answer is – Yes, there is. Read on to find…

quality streaming media player

5 reasons to get an Apple TV

The Apple TV is a streaming media player, the small box you put next to your TV to watch the latest episodes of your favorite show after you cut cable tv. Made by Apple. If you are already a fan of the company’s devices, like I am, it is a good choice to bring the content you want to your living room. Here are 5 reasons why you shoud get the Apple TV:
5 reasons to get an Apple TV

G-Box Midnight MX2 – Media Streaming Box on Android

Most of the Streaming Media Players out there are great devices that focus on ease of use. You plug them in, enter the WiFi password and are ready to go. At the same time they are somewhat limited in what you can do with them. This mostly means no additional apps, no modifications and no playing around with more settings than the manufacturer intended. On the other side of the fence is the G-Box Midnight MX2.
G-Box Midnight MX2 – Media Streaming Box on Android