Review of Roku HD

TV is great, but in today’s world TV is hardly enough to keep up to date with all the media that you care to consume. Beyond TV lies a world of great content from places like Youtube and Vimeo, movies available instantly via Netflix and Amazon Prime, and even TV episodes from all variety of shows on services like Hulu and HBO Go. Yet, most of these services only live online—hardly the ideal viewing experience.


Best Reasons To Kill Cable

Everyone needs a little entertainment. Replacing your costy cable connection with a cute little black box is the best way to have the best of both worlds – the internet and TV, and have more money left in the pocket than before. Without further ado here are the top 4 reasons for cutting cable and moving to a Streaming Media Box.

Roku 3 – Stream Your Imagination

Roku is a company that has been steadily redefining what digital television and on-line capability means when it comes to entertainment. They have blown the box wide open when it comes to streaming content, third-party developers, and quickly accessing media from around the globe. Their latest edition, the Roku 3, maintains these high standards and greets you with a whole new look on many levels.